India has established itself as the largest democracy in the world, sustained not only by the true grit and determination of an independent and impartial Election Commission but also by a foolproof electoral system. It is this electoral system based on the principle of Universal Adult Suffrage, that has enabled the continuance, survival and stability of the Indian Political system.

In Sikkim, the directions of the Election Commission of India are complied with the sincerity and devotion befitting a transparent and participative Electoral System. The Electoral Rolls of the State have been fully computerized and are being continuously updated with additions of newly enrolled voters, deletions of expired or shifted voters, corrections of inaccurate details and transfer of names Inter-Constituency and Intra-Constituency. All the voters of Sikkim have been issued Electoral Photo Identity Cards (EPIC) and the target of 100% Photo Electoral Rolls has been achieved by the State.

Following are the Constituencies of Soreng District

Sl no

Name of Constituency






07-Soreong Chakung


08-Salghari Zoom